Game Day Faces

Face painting has always been an integral part of human civilizations. For centuries, cultures around the world have utilized natural resources to mark their faces for camouflage, to convey status, or most commonly, to show unity during ceremonies or festivals. While we may not partake in the exact same traditions as our ancestors, the face painting ritual has found a new home at sporting venues around the world. Players and fans alike use each game as an opportunity to showcase their individuality, creativity, and unwavering team spirit. In celebration of this incredible tradition, we have rounded up the best Game Day faces we’ve seen this season!
1. This die-hard Seahawks fan is showing us all why the Hawk’s nest in the pacific northwest is home of the 12th man! 
2. With 165 national championships to their name, it is no surprise that the Indiana Hoosiers have put on some of the best displays we have seen. Hoosier hysteria is real and we love it!
3. Greg Hardy did his best to channel his inner panther during his time in the NFL. I don’t know how well it worked on his opposition, but this #warpaint would certainly make me think twice before getting in his way!
4. The red river rivalry is one of the more historic showdowns in college football (and this super fan knows it). With the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners set to square off in Big 12 Championship, we expect to see a lot of fans repping their team!
5. 📢This is how it’s done! The commitment. The creativity. This one has got it all. If there was a face paint hall of fame this guy would be a unanimous first ballot nominee! Hats off to you, sir.
Think that your game-day face deserves to be on the list? Send us a picture @isplack and show us what you got! If it is good enough, we will give you a shoutout!

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