October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

-Helen Keller

October is a special time of year. Summer’s heat subsides, and the cool, crisp fall air is our signal to spend less time at the beach and more time roaming through apple orchards and pumpkin patches. Footballs are flying, the changing leaves fill the world with color and the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte makes us all wonder how we survive without it the rest of the year. Did I mention October also means that the holiday season is upon us? Month number ten certainly makes a strong case for best of the lot.

However, for millions of people around the world, October’s significance can be summed up by two words, breast cancer. Since 1985, October has been recognized internationally as Breast Cancer Awareness month, and every year it calls our attention to the millions of women and men who have been impacted by this disease. Every October, the world joins the same team as survivors, advocates, family and friends inspire us all with their stories, their passions, and their reasons for joining the battle against cancer. Organizations host incredible events big and small and we all draw strength and purpose from the omnipresent and unbelievable community of support.

The beautiful thing about communities is that as they start to grow, naturally, other people want to become part of them. All throughout the month of October there are countless events available where individuals from all backgrounds throw on their pinkest and most powerful attire and honor all of those impacted by Breast Cancer. At isplack HQ, we are getting into the spirit and wanted to share some creative and fun ways our team is sharing our support.


Long time sports anchor and icon Stuart Scott said, “You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live.” At isplack we live to help foster that sense of community and make it easy, energizing, and fun for people to show their support and come together around a shared cause. Though October is a time to shine a light on breast cancer, we know cancer comes in many forms and can be represented by many colors. All month long, we have been incredibly moved by the stories members of our community have shared with us and hope we our pink designs will help you no matter what type you are fighting during October and beyond.

Survival is a team sport and we are rooting day and night for everyone rocking the pink and helping to push cancer to the brink.

Please continue to share your stories with us! You are part of our team and we want to share our strength with you!

Fight on,


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