The Gift of Sport

December is a special time of year for sports fans around the world. Hockey is in full swing. The post Major League Soccer final game drought is made up for by the busiest period of international soccer of the year. NFL teams are jockeying for playoff positions. College basketball is keeping students entertained during Christmas Break. And, oh yeah, there are these winner take all bowl games every weekend leading up to the 5th annual college football playoffs! Yes, it is true what they say. December truly is a magical time of year; however, for all the games battling for our attention throughout the month, only one sport captures the Christmas day headlines, NBA Basketball.


 Since 1947, Christmas have given some of the biggest names in basketball and sports history the perfect platform to showcase their talents with, to borrow from noted basketball fan and legendary rapper Tupac Shakur, all eyes on them. From the Staples Center in the city of angels to the most famous arena in sports, NYC’s Madison Square Garden, the NBA lineup of games gives us all a reason to break eye contact with that one uncle who always asks overly intrusive questions and turn our gaze to the performances of athletes who, for a modest salary (but mostly for the love of the game), graciously sacrifice their holiday for our entertainment.



For 70 years, superstars like Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James have been trying to steal Santa’s thunder by putting on some of the greatest single game performances in NBA history. Did you spend 73 hours driving to different stores trying to find the perfect present for your little bundle of joy just to listen to them express how grateful they are for the gift of Lebron James in primetime? Us either because #Amazon, but do not be surprised if your guests are less impressed by your decorative centerpieces than they are by Steph Curry’s long-distance heroics.


 So, while there are plenty of things to be thankful for this holiday season, let us all lift our voices in holiday cheer to celebrate NBA games bringing us the gift of sports this year.


Have a favorite sports memory from Christmases past, tell us in the comments below!


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